LINCD Sessions

LINCD Sessions are “teaser workshops” or “appetite-whetting workshops”, where we examine research theories, methods, and models, and the accompanying digital tools, in a relaxed and collaborative environment, with the hopes that everyone will take away an “I’m-intrigued-to-learn-more” understanding and an “I-need-to-use-this” appreciation for the theories, methods, models, and tools, and that they will become engaged with one or another of the theories, methods, models, and tools in collaboration with the specialists leading the workshops. These sessions often bring in experts from other disciplines on campus whose work is informed by or has direct or indirect connections to the study of human language and the various subfields of linguistics. This is a valuable opportunity for students to make interdisciplinary connections in their areas of linguistic interest.

LINCD Sessions currently occur as bi-weekly (semi-)structured events in two primary configurations (one essentially the inverse of the other):
1) discussion of a specific field of inquiry and one or more digital research tools that are used in that field (as applicable)
2) examination of a specific digital research tool/paradigm and potential areas of application across various types of linguistic investigation.