The all-new sociolinguistics reading group!

As part of our LINCD initiative, we’ve started a reading group for the sociolinguistically interested. In our meetings, which will occur approximately every other week on Wednesdays at 2pm in the RCH (see the lab schedule for details), our plan is to read and discuss state-of-the-art sociolinguistic research from some of the most prestigious journals, written by some of the field’s leading scholars. But since this group is designed with our MALTT students in mind, and since mastering digital/computational methods of analysis are a key component for success in this program, we will also take time in our meetings to test out the methods used by these researchers in conducting sociolinguistic analyses today. This process will acquaint students with the relevant technologies and give them a chance to explore how these methods might enhance their own research.

The readings for each week are listed in the lab schedule on the day that we will discuss it. The reading list for Fall 2013 is also below. If you are interested, please join us!

Reading list
Burkette, Allison. 2013. Constructing the (m)other: A-prefixing, stance, and the lessons of motherhood. Language in Society 42: 239-258.

Karrebæk, Martha. 2013. ‘Don’t speak like that to her!’: Linguistic minority children’s socialization into an ideology of monolingualism. Journal of Sociolinguistics 17 (3): 355-375.

Philips, Susan. 2013. Method in Anthropological Discourse Analysis: The Comparison of Units of Interaction. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 23 (1): 82-95.

Reyes, Angela. 2013. Corporations are people: Emblematic scales of brand personification among Asian American youth. Language in Society 42: 163-185.

Rickford, John and Makenzie Price. 2013. Girlz II women: Age-grading, language change and stylistic variation. Journal of Sociolinguistics 17 (2): 143-179.

Squires, Lauren. 2013. It don’t go both ways: Limited bidirectionality in sociolinguistic perception. Journal of Sociolinguistics 17 (2): 200-237.

Wagner, Suzanne. 2013. “We act like girls and we don’t act like men”: Ethnicity and local language change in a Philadelphia high school. Language in Society 42: 361-383.

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