Sociolinguistics Reading Group (SRG) is back!

The new semester is quickly approaching, and we have a lot of excitement heading your way! I hope you have already¬†seen the email Prof. Lauersdorf and I sent our earlier this week to announce that both LINCD regular sessions and the SRG will be meeting at 3pm on Mondays this semester. SRG is being directed by Ben Jones, and he has selected sociophonetics as our theme. He has already picked some readings, and the tentative list is posted below. Go ahead and check these out! Our first meeting will be an informational meeting on Monday, September 8 at 3pm in the RCH (no reading required). I’ll probably bring goodies to share! Tell your friends who might be interested¬†– grad students, undergrads, faculty, staff, neighbor – to join us. This will be of special interest to students enrolled in the Sociolinguistics and Phonetics classes this semester.

Tentative Reading List

al-Rojaie, Y. (2013). Regional dialect leveling in Najdi Arabic: The case of the deaffrication of [k] in the Qaimi dialect. Language Variation and Change, 25(01), 43-63.

Carmichael, K. (2013). The performance of Cajun English in Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes. American Speech, 88(4), 377-412.

Freeman, V. (2014). Hyperarticulation as a signal of stance. Journal of Phonetics, 45, 1-11.

Freeman, V. (2014). Bag, Beg, Bagel: Prevelar Raising and Merger in Pacific Northwest English.

Koffi, N.E. (2014). The Acoustic Vowel Space of Central Minnesota English in Light of the Northern Cities Shift. Linguistic Portfolios, 3(1), 2.

Podesva, R. J. (2013, March). Gender and the social meaning of non-modal phonation types. In Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society (Vol. 37, No. 1).

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