LINCD Reseach v1.0

After the Summer 2013 “alpha” and the Academic Year 2013-2014 “beta” versions, and after a Summer 2014 period of assessment and upgrades, we are pleased to announce the “release” of LINCD Research v1.0 for the Academic Year 2014-2015.

The highlight of this first “full release” is our new administration profile that is designed to allow for more “agile” management for maintaining and enhancing LINCD programs. The original four program types have been retained – LINCD Sessions; LINCD Readings; LINCD Open Labs; LINCD Special – with some small adjustment to their goals and structures. The new administration profile consists of a Steering Group to maintain a more distributed oversight of the LINCD programs and their functioning, and to allow for more efficient and effective channels for their evaluation and improvement.

The initial Steering Group consists of the following members: Jennifer Cramer (faculty), Razia Husain (student), Ben Jones (student), Mark Lauersdorf (faculty), Sedigheh Moradi (student). The initial governing guidelines are intentionally somewhat open: Steering Group membership is voluntary; duration of service is not fixed; withdrawal from service is at the member’s discretion. The only constraints on the structure of the Steering Group are: an uneven number of members (3 or higher) must be maintained; student members must outnumber faculty members; membership is on a volunteer basis (i.e., not elected).

Be sure to check in regularly throughout the Academic Year 2014-2015 to see the exciting programming brought to you by the new LINCD Steering Group for our upgraded LINCD Research v1.0!

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