Morphosyntax Reading Group (MRG)

The Linguistics Program is now hosting a Morphosyntax Reading Group (MRG, ‘merge’) devoted to significant articles on morphological and syntactic topics; the group’s organizers are Derek Legg and Gregory Stump.  Our plan is to meet every other Thursday from 1 to 2 pm in Room 201 of the Chemistry-Physics Building.

Our first meeting was on Thursday, February 18.  Hilaria Cruz led a lively discussion of Greville Corbett’s 2009 paper “Canonical inflectional classes”.

Our second meeting was on Thursday, March 3.  Derek Legg led a wide-ranging discussion of  Mark Aronoff, Irit Meir & Wendy Sandler 2005 – “The paradox of sign language morphology”.

Our third meeting was on Thursday, April 7.  Fabiola Henri led the discussion of Olivier Bonami 2015 – “Periphrasis as collocation”.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, April 14, when Gregory Stump will lead a discussion of his 2016 ms “Rule composition in an adequate theory of morphotactics”.

Future papers that we will read and discuss:

Ian Schneider: Alice Harris 2009 – “Exuberant exponence in Batsbi”
Sahar Taghipour: Keren Rice 2011 – “Principles of affix ordering”
Malachi Oyer: Arnold Zwicky & Geoff Pullum 1983 – “Cliticization vs inflection: English n’t

Contact Gregory Stump ( for access to pdf files of these papers.

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