SRG (Sociolinguistics Reading Group)

The Sociolinguistics Reading Group, better known as SRG (pronounced like “surge”), consists of those faculty and graduate students who have expressed an interest in the current state-of-the-art in sociolinguistic research, especially as it relates to the digital and collaborative aspects of the field. Each semester, a theme is selected (previous themes have included “language and identity,” ” language and food,” and “language and the city”), and several recently¬†(in the past 2-3 years) published articles or book chapters are collected¬†by a graduate student coordinator for discussion at our bimonthly meetings. In these meetings, we critique the research questions presented as well as the methods of data collection, processing, and analysis involved. Additionally, there is potential to conduct meetings with a hands-on element, where meeting attendees play with the tools and methods being employed by the researchers in question.

Interested parties are welcome to attend any and all meetings. Snacks are typically provided!